Jes Selane as Kelly Reed in Independents' Day Movie - Directed by Laura Beth Love - Asylum Productions

Independents’ Day The Asylum Laura Beth Love

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Independents’ Day by The Asylum – directed by Laura Beth Love is released today!

Independents’ Day is a movie I worked on last year by The Asylum. It is written by Geoff Meed and directed by Laura Beth Love.

I am Militia Leader Kelly Reed ( a former Delta Force operative ) in charge of First Earth, which is a unified front of militias from all over the country.

I am the father of Agent Norman Reed, who is part of the President’s Secret Service, and was killed by the Alien Invasion.


After aliens invade earth and destroy all our nuclear arsenal, they give us a choice: either emigrate to a new, better planet or be killed. While most earthlings resign themselves to leaving, the president of the United States turns to a rogue militia to fight back and expose the truth before the human race is obliterated.


I had a great time working on Independent’s Day and want to thank Scotty Mullen, Laura Beth Love and a great team at Asylum Productions.

Other Cast Members are: Jacquelin Arroyo ( Better Half ), William Castrogiovanni ( Visitants ), Brian Tyler Cohen ( Running with Fear ), Johnny Rey Diaz ( Sinister Squad ), Fay Gauthier ( Against the Grain ), Sal Landi ( The Indian ) and Jude Lanston ( The Most Important Thing ).

You can get Independent’s Day at Amazon, iTunes, Google Play as well as other places.

If you want to stay up to date with The Asylum you can find them on Facebook here.

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