Makeout Monday Twixter Music Video Jes Selane

Makeout Monday Twixter Music Video

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Makeout Monday Band Release Twixter Music Video. Makeout Monday is an LA based Boy Band and I appeared in their new Music Video ‘Twixter’ – a ZCM productions. The concept is based around a Spinner Competition. Video is directed by Zack Shada (ZCM Productions) and Mikel McGinnis. Produced by Christine Pemberton. Cinematography by Cody Stauffer. Edited by Tyler Wright. The …

FILTER Happy Together Music Video Shoot with Al Burke and Jason Mercuri

Filter Happy Together Music Video

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FILTER release Happy Together Music Video. The band Filter just released their official video for Happy Together which is their second video to come out with this song. The first video was only the song version and got more than 4 million views on YouTube. Their first rendition of Happy Together was recorded in 2009 for another movie ‘The Stepfather’. …