Actor Reel Jes Selane 2015

Actor Reel Jes Selane Movie 2015

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Actor Reel 2015 just released! I am excited to release my new Actor Reel for 2015. I spent a long time editing this and I have collected some great content from various projects I’ve worked on. Footage includes Doritos Spec Commercials, Sprint Framily Plan Commercial, Incubate App Commercial and DeadMau5 Music Video. Some Actors you will see in the video …

Nacho Cheese Doritos Commercial Jes Selane Sarunas Jackson

Doritos Spec Commercials 2014

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Doritos Spec Commercials as 70’s Gangster and Biker Dude. Here’s three Doritos Spec Commercials I worked on for the Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Contest 2014. It was very fun working on both and enjoyed the cast and crew! It’s Nacho Cheese Some people don’t believe fat meat is greasy or Dotty’s Doritos are cheesy… Credits: Dotty: Kay D’Arcy Crumb cat …

The Origin Movie Lu Louis, Jordan Sessions, Hari Williams and Jes Selane

The Origin Movie

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The Origin. I was recently part of the Fight Crew for a new Movie in production called The Origin. The Origin is Written and Directed by  Lu Louis (My Roommate the, Egg Kill, Rogue Hoes) and features Jordan Sessions (Stepping High, Counterfeiters, Don’t Take This the Wrong Way), Hari Williams (Next Time on Lonny, Next Up, My Crazy Roommate) and Alexandria Sounis …

State of Desolation Zombie Movie Jamie Bernadette, Craig Stark, Jim Towns and Jes Selane

State of Desolation

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State of Desolation Zombie Movie. State of Desolation (Shadow Kamera Films) is a new Zombie/Horror Movie set to be released in 2015 where I was the Big Zombie. It is Written, Directed and Produced by Jim Towns (House of Bad, The 6th Friend, Stiff) and features Actress Jamie Bernadette (Secret Children, Axeman at Cutter’s Creek, The 6th Friend), Craig Stark …

Sprint Framily Commercial Jes Selane

Sprint Framily Commercial Super Bowl

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Sprint Framily Commercial is a national commercial by Sprint that I booked in December 2013.

We did the shoot at Paramount Studios where they shot the I Love Lucy show. I had a great time as the whole crew and other actors where awesome. Some of the other actors include: Levi Stocke, Danny Gonzalez, Kaylan Romero, Nick Josephs, Rhett Swanson and Senyo Amoaku.

This commercial recently aired on the Super Bowl 2014 with more than 300 million viewers. I was informed that was the highest number of viewers ever in The Super Bowl 🙂

Power of Money 48 Hour Film

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Here is the full video from Power of Money by Act Club Power of Money is the second movie Act Club did for the 48 Hour Film Festival. This movie also won the 48 Hour film Festival Audience Choice Award for Inland Empire! We were given the theme of Fantasy and I am very happy with what we came up …

Enemies Close 48 Hour Film

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I am happy to be able to release our new Award Winning Act Club Horror Movie ‘Enemies Close’. We were part of the 48 Hour Film Festival and registered both in Los Angeles for Enemies Close and Inland Empire for a second movie called ‘Power of Money’. Enemies Close and Power of Money both won Audience Choice Awards at the …