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Incubate App Commercial

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Incubate App and CRFT SVCS have launched their new commercial – The Future Is In Your Hands.

Last year I was cast as Mortag in a Commercial for a new App called Incubate App.

Incubate is a time-delayed messaging app that allows you to send messages to a friend to be delivered at an exact moment from one minute up to 25 years into the future.

It was produced by CRFT SVCS and directed by Evan McNary.

CRFT SVCS is a hybrid creative agency and production company and currently working on a branded entertainment series for the LA Times.

We shot in California City and I truly enjoyed the shot and the people on set. Yes, it was very hot and not easy crawling around the desert all day with big ants all over me, but it was definitely worth it! I think the Incubate App Commercial came out great.

We used a car built but Phoenix Auto who builds Mad Max / Post Apocalyptic Cars. They are amazing and I got see their whole slew of incredible cars.

Phoenix Auto specializes in building cool post-apocalyptic vehicles for both films and private owners. In addition, Phoenix Auto does fantastic body repair and modifications on your everyday driver, hot rod, or muscle car.

Some of the Cast and Crew included these amazing people:

DP Josh Fritts, Jay Guffey, Kimberly Rice, Rani Robertson, Karsen Rigby, Sara Malakul Lane, Cali Mazariego, Ariel Vida, Justin Ross, Ryan Lehr, Trey Tyler and Evan McNary.

I want to give special thanks to Evan McNary and CRFT SVCS for booking me and I hope you enjoy the video! 🙂

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