Jes Selan and Ryan Lefton on My Crazy Ex 'Crackpots, Jackpots, and Flower Pots'

My Crazy Ex: Crackpots, Jackpots, and Flower Pots

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My Crazy Ex: Crackpots, Jackpots, and Flower Pots.

Here’s a preview of an episode of ‘My Crazy Ex’ on Lifetime I was in called ‘Crackpots, Jackpots, and Flower Pots.

The show tells the extraordinary but true stories of relationships that went awry when one partner’s behavior morphed from romantic to excessive to extreme.

About the episode:

A community organizer turns fist-fighting warrior for the love of a woman. An unsuspecting woman believes she’s hit the jackpot with her entrepreneur boyfriend. A needy mother comes between a woman and the man she loves.

My scene starts at about 10:30 in.

While playing darts I was set up to fight a guy by his crazy ex-girlfriend, who get excited when her boyfriend would fight. She would have him train to fight and instigate them by setting up random people to fight him.

She had told me he had said that us bikers where “fake tough guys hiding behind their beards and ink”.

This unfortunately did not end well for him :/

I loved his last line: “I still can’t breathe through my left nostril” 🙂

Super fun shoot and met some more great people I will be excited to work with again.

Cast includes: Kelly Misek Jr., Heather Allen Spiegel, Christine Lozano, Jeff M. Lewis, Kristin Clifford and Marcus Anderson.

You can read more about the show on IMDb and on Lifetime, and buy episode on Google Play, Amazon and Itunes.

Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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