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Big Sean Jhene Aiko Out Of Love

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Big Sean Jhene Aiko Out Of Love Music Video and Short Film.

Out Of Love is a new concept Music Video / Short Film by rappers Big Sean and Jhene Aiko, and their duo name is Twenty88.

The short depicts the duo as world-renowned adult film stars, who struggle with their public relationship on and off camera. The film opens with the two at the XXX awards show where they seem to hold a strong front. But as the storyline progresses, time shows that not everything is picture perfect after the director yells cut. As the tracks plays from their collaborated project, the two discuss infidelity, betrayal, and falling in and out of love. ( src. )

I was a 1970’s biker / captor in a video production setup. My partner in crime is my buddy Robert Rexx who I worked with before, most recently on ‘My Crazy Ex‘.

Scene starts at exactly 5 minutes in.


Written and Directed by Lawrence Lamont
Story by Lawrence Lamont & Mike Carson

Song Title: Selfish
Written by S. Anderson, J. Chilombo, E. Clark, M. Palacios, R. Colson, J. Roberts, S. Lacy, J. El-Goni, M. Zohar.

1/2 of Twenty88: Big Sean
1/2 of Twenty88: Jhené Aiko

Black Panther 1: Luzolo Kanga
Black Panther 2: Trevous Millhouse

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